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How to Stop New COVID Variants with Science-Based Solutions

As the BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants of COVID-19 cause case numbers to surge once again, Americans should take proactive steps to protect themselves. New science, developed during the early stages of the pandemic, is the best way to stop the spread.

In our first year dealing with COVID-19, many health officials stubbornly clung to old ideas about disease transmission – namely that the primary route of infection is through contact with surfaces contaminated with the virus. We now know better. In May of last year, the CDC finally changed its guidance focusing only on contact transmission to emphasizing the role of airborne transmission of the virus. Aerosols – tiny particles which can float in the air for days can be the primary source of COVID infection.

We should remember these lessons as we face a new wave of infection caused by the novel subvariants of the Omicron variant, BA.4 and BA.5. These new versions of the virus are more dangerous than previous variants – they can effectively evade the protection afforded by vaccines and are easily transmissible. The FDA even went as far as recommending that Pfizer and Moderna modify their booster shots to specifically target BA.4 and BA.5.

But until these targeted boosters come to market, Americans must continue to address the airborne spread of the virus. Whenever an infected person talks, laughs, or even breathes, they emit tiny particles contaminated with the virus. These droplets can travel even more than six feet and linger in the air for days at a time. The best way to prevent the inhalation of these particles is to ensure they’re pulled out of the air.

That’s where we come in. SecureAire’s air technology is the only scientifically proven air purification solution that can capture and kill even the smallest viral particles. Our technology conditions these tiny particles to stick together, making them large enough to be moved to the filter by airflow. But our technology doesn’t just move the virus to the filter – it eliminates the virus once it gets there. Take deliberate steps to protect yourself with SecureAire’s technology today!