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Today’s Healthcare Market is facing more and more scrutiny with respect to controlling the number of Healthcare Associated Infections or HAI’s. Since the passing of the recent Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2013 (Now Public Law 111-148, signed by President Obama on March 23, 2013) the attention of reducing these Infection rates has become a primary concern. This new law provides a number of ways to address the spread of Healthcare Associated Infections and more importantly, the law will begin to penalize hospitals with the highest rates of HAI’s. The penalty phase, set to begin in 2015, will cost hospitals performing in the lowest quartile a percentage of their Medicare reimbursements as a whole. The US Department of Health and Human Services is also contemplating the addition of home health agencies, ambulatory surgical centers and skilled nursing facilities.

While statistics on the cause of HAI’s vary between those of airborne transmission and direct contact transmission, the fact remains that there are preventable infections and ways of reducing those infections that need to be implemented as soon as possible. The standard of care needs to be raised as new technologies exist that can help to reduce the number of HAI’s.

SecureAire is a company that is at the forefront of Technology and Innovation. Our Healthcare Market focused products, the AQM-100 have the ability to measure the amount of airborne contamination in a space while our ACS System will reduce such contamination and provides the ability to INACTIVATE™ or kill those same pathogens.

Healthcare Market Focus Brochure
At SecureAire™ we’ve been preparing for the pandemic for a decade. More than ever we parents, educators, clinicians, and employers must provide a safe environment for our families, students, patients, customers, and colleagues so they can experience breathing zone air-security. This brochure addresses our technology for the Healthcare Market and how we provide the purest IAQ based on real world scientific results.

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SecureAire Features and Benefits to HEALTHCARE

ACTIVE Particle Control Technology
Only SecureAire provides non-selective ACTIVE Particle Control Technology by reducing or removing all airborne contamination sources by separating small particles from their dominant transport mechanism the electromagnetic field.
Low Static Pressure = Fan Energy Savings
0.28” wg. at 492 fpm
Up to 99% inactivation of all captured viable airborne pathogens as verified through third party testing.
Smallest Footprint
9.0” of airway length depth
Ability to Measure Performance
The AQM-100 provides the potential to measure airborne particles instantly in any indoor space providing you with the opportunity to Measure and Validate System Performance.

ACTIVE Particle Control Technology:

Only SecureAire has ACTIVE Particle Control Technology, which non-selective and has the proven ability to reduce all airborne contamination from Indoor Air by treating all Indoor and Outside Air Contaminants.  SecureAire Technology has the proven ability to reduce TVOC’s, Dissolved Gases, CO, CO2, Odors, Smoke, Particles, Diesel and Jet Fumes all without the utilization of additional technologies.

High Efficiency Filtration and Energy Savings:

SecureAire’s ACS System has an extremely low static pressure drop as compared to standard Mechanical Filters with the same rating.  This helps to decrease energy consumption by lowering Fan Energy.  The ACS provides initial pressure drops comparable to standard MERV 8 filters, creating a no “Energy Penalty” for this high level of filtration.  This also translates to an improved kWH value per square foot of the facility. 

INACTIVATE Technology:

Only SecureAire has INACTIVATE Technology which has the ability to eliminate Airborne Pathogens with rates of up to 99% effectiveness.  The most recent study conducted by the University of Colorado supports the ACS’ previously mentioned performance claims for Airborne Pathogens.  

Additionally, the INACTIVATE Technology feature of SecureAire’s System helps to destroy mold long before it can reach cooling coils.  Coil cleanings are reduced, lowering operational costs, downtime and the use of chemicals.  Cleaner coils also have the benefit of a lower pressure drop, further improving and lowering fan energy consumption.   

Smallest Footprint:

All told, SecureAire’s ACS System has an airway length dimension of 9.0” providing space savings for new installations and easy retrofit potential as the system mounts into a standard 2” U-channel.

Ability to Measure:

In order to be able to measure and validate the performance of filter technologies in today’s market, SecureAire developed its own Air Quality Monitor, the AQM-100, which can instantaneously measure the quality of your Indoor Air regardless of the technology platform being deployed.  

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