EU-100X Elevator Air Purification System


Elevator Air Purification System

SecureAire’s EU-100X is an Elevator Air Purification System that utilizes ACTIVE Particle Control Technology (APC). ACTIVE Particle Control is the most advanced and optimized Electronically Enhanced Air Purification system available in today’s marketplace.

SecureAire’s ACTIVE Particle Control Technology utilizes semiconductor airborne contamination reduction technologies to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of SecureAire’s proprietary filtration media. The System also provides an airborne pathogen inactivation benefit thru our INACTIVATE™ Technology. INACTIVATE reduces organisms’ ability to grow and provides the necessary voltage strength to oxidize and kill airborne pathogens. In addition, ACTIVE Particle Control Technology is the only system that actually controls the movement of particles in a space. Particle Control Technology provides the ability to treat all airborne challenges (particles, TVOCs, smoke, and dissolved gases) the same.

Particle Control Technology is the combination of electrostatic and electrodynamic fields, which together combine to make airflow the dominant transport mechanism for airborne particles in any space. It is this combination of Electrical Enhancement that makes SecureAire’s System the most advanced system available today. Inside the EU-100X, you will find a fan, an ACTIVE Particle Control Technology System, a replaceable SecureAire filter cartridge and a variable-speed controller. This is a complete system that can deliver up to 600 CFM of particle-free air. The system is designed to provide airborne pathogen protection for the people that use the elevator. The EU-100X is designed to maximize particle control by optimizing the three components that dictate air purification.

These three components are:

1. Particle Coagulation: In order to overcome the dominant electromagnetic transport control mechanism of small particles, Particle Coagulation creates larger particles making airflow the dominant transport mechanism.

2. Optimized Air Change Rate: This brings particles back to the filter for removal or sends them to a dedicated exhaust.

3. High Efficiency Filtration: The utilization of a highly efficient helps in the removal of particles and helps to maintain a safe, healthy and clean elevator environment.


The EU-100X is today’s most advanced electrically enhanced Elevator Filtration system.

What is ACTIVE Particle Control?

Our cutting-edge technology is different from any other air quality product. Some of the tiniest and most dangerous particles are too small to be moved by airflow alone. That’s why our ACTIVE Particle Control™ technology conditions small particles to stick together, making them large enough to be TRANSPORTED from the treated indoor environment to the SecureAire filter, where air pollutants are killed or inactivated. Unlike ionizers, SecureAire’s technology does not produce dangerous byproducts like ozone because we use a physical process.

How Active Particle Control Works

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