SecureAire  HOW IT WORKS

Why does air quality matter?

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently tightened its guidance on air pollutants, citing clear evidence of the damage poor air quality inflicts on human health. The WHO makes the case that air pollutants need to be treated the same as other major health crises such as tobacco use and unhealthy diets. This is bad news for Americans who spend 90% of their time indoors, where pollutants are two to five times more concentrated than outdoors.

What does SecureAire do?

SecureAire is scientifically proven to remove or inactivate up to 99.9% of the smallest and most dangerous particles in the air you breathe. For example, SecureAire has been proven to reduce infections at a hospital and kill the ANTHRAX surrogate in real-world scientific studies.

What is ACTIVE Particle Control?

How Active Particle Control Works

SecureAire’s ACTIVE Particle Control Technology is a complete air purification system that employs a patented 4-step process to create the Safest, Healthiest, and Cleanest Indoor Air Possible.

1. Condition
As particles in unfiltered air move through the SecureAire system, they are Conditioned. The Conditioner emits equal amounts of positive and negative charges, and as particles pass through, they pick up these charges.

2. Collision
During the Conditioning phase, particles acquire either a positive or negative charge. The Collision step forces them to collide with each other through inelastic collisions creating ionic bonds, one of the strongest bonds in nature. Thousands of times a second, conditioned particles are forced to collide, gaining weight in the process, and becoming neutral in charge.

Due to electrostatic forces, the smallest particles remain suspended in air and are not very susceptible to air ow movement. But SecureAire’s Conditioning and Collision process helps to transform small particles/pathogens into larger clusters that now have enough weight to be carried by air currents.

3. Capture & Inactivate
Once these larger clusters of particles/pathogens are carried via air ow to the SecureAire Cartridge, they are captured and permanently held on the filter via strong ionic bonds. Within the cartridge, viable pathogens are exposed to an energy field that causes extreme oxidative cellular stress, destroying them and rendering them harmless.

4. Transport
Finally, perhaps the most critical aspect of any air purification process is Transport. SecureAire’s ACTIVE Particle Control Technology’s 4-Step Process is one of the only known air purification technologies to be able to transport small and harmful airborne pathogens from a treated space.

The 4-Step process never stops.
The smallest particles that escape capture are again electrically conditioned and propelled back into the treated space to further collect pathogens, TVOCs, gases, odors, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful airborne particles.

The ACTIVE Particle Control Effect

Research has shown that the smallest airborne particles can also be the most harmful. Viruses, bacteria, and VOCs are on that list. Yet the smallest particles are also the least susceptible to airflow and, due to electro-static forces remain suspended in the air, nearly unaffected by air currents.

SecureAire’s ACTIVE Particle Control technology conditions the smallest particles to adhere to each other, forming ever-larger clusters that air currents can then move to the filter where these particles are inactivated or destroyed. As a result, our technology can remove the smallest and most dangerous particles from the air.

Particle Distribution in Air Diagram

Why is SecureAire better than a traditional HEPA filter?

HEPA units cannot filter the most dangerous particulates because they are too small to be transported or moved by airflow alone and never make it to the filter.

SecureAire is 95% more effective at removing tiny “ultrafine” particles than HEPA filters alone, according to a comparative study.



More Frequently Asked Questions

How does SecureAire kill pathogens like bacteria and viruses?
Once the pathogens are captured by SecureAire’s air purification cartridge, the energy field that surrounds the cartridge will create oxidative stress at the pathogen’s cellular level and destroy them. All of them.
How does SecureAire get rid of airborne chemical compounds (VOCs)?
The airborne chemical compounds are brought to the air purification cartridge by hitching a ride on other particles that are large and heavy enough to be caught up in the airstream. Once the chemical compound-soaked particles are captured in the air purification cartridge, the energy field surrounding the cartridge pulls the chemical compounds apart, breaking them down into harmless elements.
Once they are destroyed or broken down, what happens to the pathogens and chemical compound elements?
The pathogen “parts” and the chemical compound “elements” are held in the air purification cartridge by very strong ionic bonds and will not be released back into the airstream.
How can this air purification system be so efficient and effective and not be highly restrictive to airflow?
Each air purification cartridge includes trillions…literally…of tiny fibers. Each fiber is a 360-degree “collector” that will attract and hold particles, like a magnet, and absorb chemical compounds, like a sponge. As each fiber becomes coated with contaminants, another layer will then build up on the first, continuing to remove and destroy captured contaminants. Layer after layer of contaminants can be collected around every fiber without significantly restricting airflow.
When do I have to replace my air purification cartridge?
Unlike typical filters that are replaced when they “look dirty,” typically from 1-3 months depending on the filter type, the SecureAire Air Purification Cartridge still functions after destroying 6 to 12 months of contaminants before it needs to be replaced. Your HVAC technician can take a measurement to determine what that replacement interval should be.