Case Studies

SecureAire’s Technology has been instrumental in providing some of the highest levels of Indoor Air Quality that the HVAC Industry has seen to date. The only company to provide an Active Particle Control device, our Case Studies further support the performance of the Technology and our abilities beyond any type of standard filtration.

SecureAire Technology continues to play a major role in reducing IAQ Contaminants from the treated indoor space.

Cannacraft: A Leading Colorado Grow Facility (PDF)

SecureAire’s ACTIVE Particle Control Technology is deployed in a number of medicinal cannabis grow facilities across North America. In the case of Cannacraft’s Colorado facility, employing the SecureAire ACS system provided measurable particle count reductions and virtually eliminated the more subjective odors within the first 24 hours of deployment.

The Most Effective Solution for Clean Indoor Air (PDF)

As our normal routines start to return, we remain concerned about the safety of the indoor air we are breathing. The COVID-19 pandemic, caused by the SARS-COV-2 virus, has killed millions of people and disrupted many aspects of your daily life. SecureAire technology is the most effective solution in providing air security.

AESA Preparatory Academy – Austin, TX (PDF)

Air Disinfection and COVID-19 Surveillance Testing At The AESA Preparatory Academy of Austin Texas
Our lives will never be the same. Our jobs as educators and parents are to advance education within a safe and nurturing environment. Something very difficult this year. We present how one K-12 school remained open all year and safely educated their students with minimal academic interruption.

St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital Bayside, NY

St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital Bayside, NY Study: Publication in the Journal of Hospital Infection 7.21.21

In a live 124 bed hospital (>100,000 patient days over 30 months) we documented the impact of the step-wise addition of air disinfection technology and COVID-19 mitigation measures to standard multi-modal infection control on particle counts, viral and bacterial bioburden, and health care-associated infection rates.

The addition of air-disinfection technology and COVID-19 mitigation measures reduced airborne ultrafine particles, altered hospital bioburden, and reduced health care-associated infections from 11.9 to 6.6 (per 1,000 patient days) and from 6.6 to 1.0 (per 1,000 patient days) respectively (P< 0.0001, R2= 0.86). No single technology, tool, or procedure will eliminate health care-associated infections but the addition of a ubiquitous facility-wide engineering solution at limited expense and with no alteration in patient, visitor, or staff traffic or workflow patterns reduced infections by 45%.

California Wildfires in 2020 (PDF)

SecureAire’s ACTIVE Particle Control Technology demonstrated in Journal of Hospital Infection publication: 45% reduction in healthcare associated infections.

Art Institute of Chicago (PDF)

The Art Institute of Chicago, which houses over 300,000 works of art, was concerned with the preservation of their collection. The result was the design and installation of a complete SecureAire PACT System for the Thorne Room.

The Las Vegas Renaissance Hotel (PDF)

Today’s Resorts, Casinos and Hospitality destinations are all interested in providing the best overall experience for their customers. At the Las Vegas Renaissance Hotel, just off of the strip in Las Vegas, tobacco smoke was the odor of concern. By employing SecureAire’s PACT technology, the smoking rooms have been deemed to be clean enough for non-smokers, effectively increasing the occupancyotential of the hotel.

University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) (PDF)

During the design phase of UCSF’s 654 Minnesota Street Project, UCSF had concerns about the overall quality of Indoor Air, as the location of the project was adjacent to Interstate 280, an eight (8) lane freeway. A decision was made by UCSF and the Design Engineering Firm, Taylor Engineering of Alameda, CA to employ the SecureAire Electronic Air Purification System.

IBM Corporation (PDF)

IBM Corporation recently embarked on obtaining a LEED IAQ (EQ) Certification as outlined in the “Green Building Rating System for Commercial Interiors” for their new 60,000 sq. ft. Innovation Center Facility in Foster City, California. SecureAire’s PACT System enabled IBM to meet these requirements and much more.

Lake Tahoe Surgery Center (PDF)

Surgery Centers have become an increasingly more important part of our overall Healthcare System. In becoming an integral part, many of these centers have implemented additional measures to reduce the number of Nosocomial Infections in their facilities’ as any such infections can be costly and potentially dangerous to patients. One of the measures employed by the Center was the installation of SecureAire’s Electronic Air Purification PACT System.

San Joaquin County Administration Building (PDF)

When the county of San Joaquin began planning for the addition of their latest Administration Building they set out with specific design goals in mind as our environment can no longer be an afterthought considering our limited natural resources. As a result of the County’s Air Purification Study, SecureAire’s PACT Air Purification System was to be incorporated directly into the design of the facility.