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Public Health Crisis and Public Health Opportunity (Part 2)

In ourlast blog, we discussed updated thinking on disease transmission. For decades, health care officials relied on outdated strategies to fight airborne pathogens that make us sick. However, we now know that some of the smallest and most dangerous air particles remain suspended in our breathing zone, increasing the likelihood that you’ll inhale them in and get sick. So, what should we do with this new information?

The answer is simple: focus on indoor air quality. Yes, outdoor pollution is bad. But the best method to control the spread of infectious diseases is to ensure that the air indoors – where we spend 90% of our time – is safe.

Traditional advice for clean indoor air is to simply to open windows. There are two problems with this strategy: first, bringing in increasingly polluted outdoor air is dangerous. And second, airflow alone can’t move the most dangerous airborne particles. It is a simple principle in physics that small and nearly weightless particles actually can’t be moved by airflow alone. Think about what the pandemic has taught us: the virus and the smallest and most dangerous particles remain suspended in the air in your home or business, even if you have the windows open.

HEPA filters have a similar airflow problem – they provide limited protection from dangerous air particles because the smallest and deadliest air particles are not reliably transported to the HEPA filter.

That’s why our technology is better. SecureAire’s ACTIVE Particle Control™ technology conditions small and dangerous particles to stick together, making them large enough to be transported by air currents to the filter where all air pollutants are trapped, and pathogens are killed or inactivated.

No other technology is as effective at clearing persistently suspended particulates and pathogens, as well as removing VOC’s and all airborne pollutants, all without generating dangerous byproducts like ozone.

No other technology has been proven to be superior to HEPA or to reduce healthcare-associated infections.

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