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“Wildfire Smoke and Your Health” Webinar

Fire season is getting worse – more frequent and creating more intense and larger fires. Just this year, over 35,000 fires have burned over 4.8 million acres – well above the 10-year average. These fires are becoming a fact of life for many Americans – and people should take deliberate steps to ensure the air is clean and safe to breathe.

Traditional guidance on wildfires was simple – get out of the fire’s path and close your windows during fire events. But as fires become more extreme and smoke travels further than it once did, that advice isn’t enough to stay safe.

This week, SecureAire hosted a webinar to help everyday Americans protect themselves from wildfire smoke. The webinar was led by Dr. Mark Ereth of the Mayo Clinic, who also serves as SecureAire’s Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Ereth provided tangible recommendations that Americans can use to protect their families from wildfire smoke. He recommends taking three specific steps:

  1. Understand your risk
    Monitor your local air quality with tools like the EPA’s AirNow App – available on the app store.
  2. Follow the CDC’s recommendations during wildfire events
    Most importantly, keep the smoke out of your lungs by closing windows and doors, sealing off a room of your house, and wearing an N95 mask any time smoke is present (even if you can’t see it).
  3. Invest in air purification technology – consistent with EPA guidance
    The EPA recommends using “proven methods of controlling indoor air pollution,” and suggests avoiding air cleaners which generate ozone.

SecureAire’s air purification system is the ONLY scientifically-proven air purification technology to kill or inactivate up to 99% of dangerous particles in the air, including particulate matter emitted by wildfires – and we have the case studies to prove it.


Check out the video of the webinar below or on YouTube, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re interested in protecting your home or business with SecureAire!



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