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Study Finds Standard Elevator Air Filtration Fails to Eliminate Airborne Pathogens like COVID-19

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Findings Also Show Advanced Air Purification Technology Can Eliminate 77-99% of Contaminants from Elevator Cabin Air

Dunedin, FL – A new study conducted by Henderson Building Solutions LLC found that standard elevator cabin air filtration systems fail to remove the most dangerous airborne pathogens from inside the cabin, including particles and aerosolized droplets the size of COVID-19. Standard elevator filtration consists only of a ventilation fan, and fails to filter out fine and ultrafine particles, which are the most dangerous to human health. The study also found that installing advanced air purification technology such as ACTIVE Particle Control™ can remove 77-99% of airborne contaminants from an elevator cabin’s air, with a mean particle reduction of 88%.

The confined space inside of an elevator cabin creates a greater risk for the transmission of diseases. As such, the CDC recommends that office buildings add supplemental air ventilation or local air treatment devices to elevator cabins to protect riders from COVID-19. On average each of the 1.03 million elevators in America move 20,000 people per year, according to the National Elevator Industry Inc., an elevator and escalator trade association.

The study measured the number of pollutants in elevator cabin air both with and without the installation of advanced air purification technology. The control elevator included a simple ventilation fan with a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) rating of 13. The other elevator cabin was outfitted with ACTIVE Particle Control™ technology, which conditions harmful particles to bind together, making them more susceptible to air movement and allowing them to be easily filtered out.

Another recent study on ACTIVE Particle Control™ published in October in the Journal of Hospital Infection also demonstrated the technology’s ability to reduce harmful pathogens in the air. In this study, the technology reduced healthcare-associated infections including COVID-19 by 45% in a real-world hospital setting.

The full elevator cabin study is available here: Frontiers | Elevator Cabin Decontamination With ACTIVE Particle Control™ Technology | Public Health (


Experimental schematic diagram

Experimental schematic including placement of indoor air particle counter and APC unit.

Graph showing that APC Reduces Supra-Micron Particles in Elevator Cabin Air

APC Reduces Supra-Micron Particles in Elevator Cabin Air*

Graph showing that APC Reduces Sub-Micron Particles in Elevator Cabin Air

APC Reduces Sub-Micron Particles in Elevator Cabin Air*

*Each bar represents 100 air samples with a total of 1,200 data points represented in the figure


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