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Which IAQ Products Can You Safely Sell?

Here’s an answer to that puzzling question.

Recently published independent studies have revealed the shortcomings of certain IAQ manufacturer’s claims. The IAQ Puzzle was created to help you, and your customers, decide what product or combination of products will best address everyone’s IAQ safety and health concerns.

Watch the video. Then read on.

As an HVAC expert, your customers look to you as a trusted source of accurate information. With over $2,000,000,000 in portable air filters sold in the U.S. last year you can be certain your customers are interested in what you have to offer.

What to offer your customers is a decision for you to make. It can be puzzling! You know, for example, that a higher MERV filter will remove smaller, more dangerous particles, but you also know that the higher static pressure will wreak havoc on the HVAC system’s performance and longevity. You may be attracted to the simplicity and profitability of adding an ion generator to a blower compartment, but now you know that technology’s performance claims are questionable, or worse.

What can you do? Make up your own mind first…and then help your customers choose what makes sense for them.

The IAQ Puzzle will guide you through each of the 5 parts of the complete solution to all airborne contaminant issues… particulates, pathogens and VOCs.

Here’s a brief reminder of some key points:

  • Unless something it done to make them large enough, nearly all airborne particles, pathogens and VOCs are so small and light that they never get caught up in the airstream and brought back to the filter.
  • An IAQ product without a filter can’t be effective at providing a significant health benefit.
  • If any airborne particles, pathogens or VOCs are captured and not destroyed, and their remnants not held on the filter, what’s the point?
  • Any IAQ product that produces any quantity of oxidizers, including ozone or hydroxyl radicals (“friendly” oxidizers), will have a negative health impact.
  • Highly restrictive air filters, whether clean or dirty, will cause HVAC system performance issues, including less comfort, more noise, higher utility bills, higher repair costs and shortened equipment life.

To get started using The IAQ Puzzle, discuss this with your coworkers and see what they think the best solution choices would be. It’s likely that each person will have their own perspective on what is effective. Then you can decide what should be offered to your customers.

If there are others in your company who offer products to your customers, make sure you train them on how you want them to introduce IAQ on their calls, and how to offer at least 3 choices when they are interested.


Good Selling!

Tom Piscitelli

PS. If you would like to schedule a free one-hour IAQ sales training session with an expert IAQ sales coach, just send a request and we’ll be happy to do that.

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