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Webinar Series – The Virtual Sales Call™

A webinar series focused on tools and tactics for conducting a professional HVAC replacement sales call without visiting the home.

From a business perspective, our industry has been fortunate to be recognized as “essential” and be permitted to function during these challenging times with COVID-19 closures. However, just being open for business won’t help you keep the doors open, neither will responding to just emergency service calls. We need to sell replacement / upgrade jobs to keep making payroll, paying the bills, and be prepared to come out of this mess just as strong as when we got into it.

With summer approaching you’ll get some no-cool calls and some people will want to put air conditioning in their homes, especially since we are spending more time in them right now. But they aren’t comfortable having someone come into their home and spend an hour or two with you.

The answer to this is to offer your customers a Virtual Sales Call.

I would bet you have already looked into this and may even have tried some things with email, Facebook, Zoom, and similar. Some of you have had some success.

Throughout April and May, SecureAire has sponsored an open webinar series titled The Virtual Sales Call. These webinars have provided instruction and discussion about how to best conduct sales calls virtually with customers. They are a valuable resource during these trying times, and we hope that they are useful to your business.

Use the links below to watch the Webinar recordings:

The Virtual Sales Call™ Chapter 1

The Virtual Sales Call™ Chapter 2: Discovery Process Demonstration

The Virtual Sales Call™ Chapter 3: Present, Propose and Close

The Virtual Sales Call™ Chapter 4: Objection Handling

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