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IAQ FAQ: How Do You Know Your IAQ Product Kills Airborne Pathogens?

Spend a day or two (it will take that long) and research all of the IAQ products that are on today’s market. Make sure you include the portables your customers are buying from the big box stores and not from you. After a few hours of reading mind-numbing marketing claims and trying to find the details behind their “studies”, you are likely to become just a bit more confused than when you started.

The only way to know for certain that something is effective is to measure it. Okay, some IAQ manufacturer’s do measure, but ask yourself, measure “where” and measure “what”?

If you agree that each of these IAQ solutions are all important, then measuring becomes straightforward.

  1. Remove all airborne contaminants from the occupied space
  2. Return them to a high-efficiency filter for capture
  3. Destroy all pathogens and bond them to the filter so they don’t reenter the airstream
  4. Produce ZERO ozone, radicals or other harmful byproducts
  5. Do not excessively restrict airflow and cause harm to the HVAC equipment

So, how do you know all of the airborne contaminants have been removed from the airspace? Measure them. Make sure you use a laser particle counter to measure the 0.50 micron size particle which, according to ASHRAE and MERV ratings, is the hardest particle to remove and capture.

Filter Efficiency Chart

How do you know all of the pathogens have been destroyed? Measure what’s left in the room after your device has been running for a few hours.

How do you know there is ZERO ozone or other byproducts? Measure what is in the room after the product is running for a few hours. (BTW there is no standard for testing that, you’ll just have to do it on your own).

There is no other technology, or any combination of technologies, that can accomplish The SecureAire Complete IAQ Solution.

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