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Grandmother Thanks SecureAire

I am a grandmother of four, including two sets of twins, ages 5 and 9, who attend grammar school. They live very nearby and visit often. As we all know, when school-age children visit, they often bring with them colds, viruses, and bacteria they have picked up at school. This has frequently impacted my health. Over the last several years, I’ve been sick every couple of months with bronchial infections that have knocked me down for at least a month at a time and required one or more courses of antibiotics to recover.

About six months ago, I obtained a SecureAire system for my home. I wasn’t sure what to expect but hoped that the system would reduce dust and dirt particles created by the busy street that runs behind my home. While I have noticed a reduction in the dust in my home, more impressive than that is that I have not been sick once since I got the SecureAire system! I am amazed at the improvement in my overall health. I am not getting sick from common colds or contagious viruses or bacteria brought into my home by visitors or my

Additionally, I have a ragdoll cat. My sister, who is very allergic to cats, visits frequently. Since the SecureAire system has been in place, she has no allergic reaction to the cat at all.

While I don’t understand the technology, I am living proof of its efficacy and am so appreciative of SecureAire for developing a product that works so incredibly well and has given me back my health. Being healthy and not spending weeks at a time confined to bed with respiratory and bronchial infections has given me back my energy and allows me to do what I enjoy most – spending time with my grandchildren! Thank you!

– Stephanie Falgout, Livermore, California

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