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We believe that Air-Security, like Water-Security and Food-Security, is a fundamental Human Right. Without reliably clean air our Health and Wellbeing (and that of our Families, Friends, and Neighbors) is threatened. We also believe in Read-World Evidence, not simple testing in minute chambers, but Real-World testing. That’s the highest bar in Health Care research, Real World Evidence. That’s what we present in our Health Care White Papers available to download below.

Elevator Cabin Decontamination With ACTIVE Particle Control™ Technology

The Most Effective Solution for Clean Indoor Air

Particle control reduces fine and ultrafine particles greater than HEPA filtration in live operating rooms and kills biologic warfare surrogate

American Journal of Infection Control, Published: January 5, 2020

Particle Control Technology Combats Aerosolized Transmission of Mycobacterium chimaera from Heater-Cooler Units during Cardiac Surgery

Reduced Particle Load in Operating Rooms, Airborne Pathogens Killed, and the Elimination of Infections

ACTIVE Particle Control Technology and USP 800 Pharmaceutical Compounding

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