Particle Control Technology

SecureAire is rapidly becoming the industry leader in Particle Control Technologies.
Based upon Technologies Developed and Employed by Semiconductor Cleanrooms,
SecureAire has advanced and further developed a number of highly sophisticated air
purification technologies that make “air flow the dominant transport mechanism for
airborne particles.” In addition to its lineup of air filtration and purification technologies,
SecureAire has also developed an analytical tool, the AQM-100, which provides anyone
with the ability to measure and quantitatively understand how their current filtration
and purification systems are performing.

SecureAire is the only Particle Control Company
in the air purification and filtration marketplace.

  • Air Fact

    In any indoor air environment the electromagnetic transport mechanism holds 98% of the particles by volume resident in the space. Without the ability to control this electromagnetic field the airflow transport mechanism can only remove approximately 2% of the particles by volume from the occupied space.

    The SecureAire PACT system is the only device that can drastically change the air quality of an occupied space.

  • Buy

    SecureAire’s Standard Air Filtration and Purification Products are available for purchase through our Network of Independent Representatives across North America.

    Our AQM-100, Air Quality Monitor, is available for on-line purchase:

  • How It Works

    PACT: Particle Accelerated
    Collision Technology

    The SecureAire PACT system employs a very unique pulsed voltage signal along with a charge conditioner that switches from positive to negative fields many times in every minute.

    The PACT system is the only device that uses the complete science of Transport Mechanism control. Based on the system design, air distribution, air change rates etc. there will be a minimum of 50% up to 90% reduction in the total volume of all particulate and a 90% reduction in depositions 100% of the time.

    In general, the SecureAire PACT Air Purification system is the only technology that utilizes the understanding of how to treat particles by controlling the transport mechanisms that drive them. In this way, a building’s environment is optimized for contamination control, making every room a clean room.