National Leader in Clean Air Technology, SecureAire, Launches New Website for the EOS Portable Air Purification System

SecureAire Introduces the EOS Portable Air Purifier for in-home use

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, SecureAire, the international leader in clean air technologies, announced the new website for the EOS Portable Air Purification System is now live at This website is dedicated exclusively to introduce and explain the purification technology inside the EOS portable unit which produces the highest level of purified indoor air on the market. As the growing need for safe and healthier indoor environments is more important than ever, the EOS Portable Air Purifier allows everyone access to the finest air purification technology available.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is of utmost importance due to the novel coronavirus changing the world in which we live in. Harmful pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, mold, TVCO’s, and much more cannot be seen by the naked eye. In fact, many of the most harmful particles are so small in size that they lack mass to be move by the airflow from traditional air filters and ventilation.

How it Works: SecureAire’s ACTIVE Particle Control technology conditions the smallest particles to attract to each other, forming ever-larger clusters that can then be brought to the filter by air currents. Once these airborne contaminants are brought to the filter, they are held there until a charge within the filtration cartridge creates oxidative cellular stress on any pathogens, killing them, and rendering them harmless. The EOS Portable Air Purification System consists of the ACTIVE Particle Control Technology System, a replaceable SecureAire filter cartridge, a quiet and powerful fan, and a variable-speed controller. This complete system can deliver up to 600 cubic feet per minute of particle-free air, enough to purify a room as large as 1000 square feet.

The EOS System utilizes all three of the essential components necessary to produce the highest indoor air quality:

  1. Particle Coagulation. In order to overcome the static effect of electromagnetic forces on small particles, Particle Coagulation creates larger particles making airflow the dominant transport mechanism.
  2. Optimized Air Change Rate. With particle coagulation and the built-in fan, the EOS brings particles back to the filter for inactivation and elimination.
  3. High Efficiency Filtration. Through positive and negative charges on particles and oxidative stress, the EOS filter cartridge safely and cleanly kills 99% of all captured particles.

“The EOS Air Purification System is a breakthrough in portable technology which can be utilized in the home, office or personal workspace,” said Frank Stamatatos, CEO of SecureAire.. “Anyone dealing with asthma or other respiratory conditions can also benefit from having this technology in home. SecureAire’s dedication to the health and safety of our air is shown through the product of our work, the people on our team, and in the air that we help protect.”

According to the EPA and the American Lung Association, indoor air can be up to ten times more polluted than outdoor air. We breathe over 10,000 quarts of air each day. Each breath can be filled with harmful particulates, TVOCs, and pathogens. When a whole-home air purification system is not practical, a portable air purification system is the next best thing! Our patented technology transports and inactivates particulates, harmful TVOCs, and health-threatening pathogens, creating a safer, healthier, and cleaner indoor environment for all.

To learn more about the EOS Air Purification System visit:

SecureAire Technologies is a national leader in indoor air security and in providing some of the highest levels of indoor air quality that the HVAC Industry has seen to date. SecureAire offers active particle control which represents the most advanced air filtration and purification system offered today and is used in hospitals, schools, retail, residential and commercial locations across the United States. The SecureAire Advanced Collector System is the only system that utilizes Active Particle Control and creates an extremely healthy, clean, and safe indoor environment.


About SecureAire:

SecureAire was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Dunedin, Florida. The Company is the industry leader in Active Particle Control Technologies. Based upon Technologies Developed and Employed by Semiconductor Cleanrooms and Critical Environments, SecureAire has advanced and further developed a number of highly sophisticated air purification technologies that makes normal airflow the dominant transport mechanism for airborne pathogens and particles.

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