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IAQ: You Are What You Sell

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By now, most HVAC contractors have made their choices on which IAQ products to sell. Not surprisingly, if I ask 10 contractors what their recommended favorites are, I get 10 different combinations of products. It’s impossible that all these combinations can be the “best” solutions for their customers, but I do believe that each contractor believes they are. Here are some suggested guidelines on how you can make the best choice for your customers…and your company.

  1. Consider the source. There are a number of highly credible third-party sources of information on all of the existing IAQ technologies. Two must-reads include the ASHRAE Position on Filtration and Air Cleaning, January 2021 and the EPA Air Cleaners Technical Summary, July 2018. Both documents provide details on how each technology works and what their advantages and disadvantages are.
  2. Think like a particle. One of the many epiphanies I’ve had about IAQ was learning that everything airborne, large and small inert particulates, pathogens and even chemical compounds are all particles. As “particles”, all of these are similarly affected by natural forces, including gravity, Brownian Motion and EMF (electromagnetic forces). These forces cause most of these particles to stay suspended in the air, like fruit in jell-o, and will not be returned to even the best of filters. That is a problem!
  3. Capturing it ain’t killing it. Sure, even the poorest of filters will get dirty so obviously some airborne particles get transported to it. But what happens to the mold, mildew, bacteria and viruses that do get captured? In most cases, nothing. I wouldn’t want to be the homeowner or service technician who removes a high-efficiency filter that’s full of nasties and breathes the stuff that shakes out when they remove it.
  4. “Friendly oxidizers” aren’t your friends. C’mon folks, “oxidizer” means oxidize! Breathe an oxidizer and destroy some lung tissue as a result. Less is better…zero is best.
  5. Don’t forget static pressure. Rob Falke, President of NCI, has tirelessly written about the negative impact of high static pressure on HVAC equipment and performance. I believe he and his team have finally gotten through to us and we now realize how vital proper design and application of our products is. It has been impossible to imagine a low-static, high MERV filter solution…until now.

Your customers depend on you to offer products that keep the air they breathe safe, healthy and clean. Don’t disappoint them.

SecureAire: There is no other existing technology, or even a combination of technologies, that can provide a complete solution to all IAQ problems.

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