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How to Choose Which IAQ Products to Offer to Your Customers

How to choose an IAQ product to sell?

There is no single IAQ product that can solve every customer’s IAQ problem. Even the best product might not physically fit. In the same way that you mix and match equipment components, you can often provide the best IAQ solution by including multiple products.

For example, those of you who live where the summers are humid know that the coil cabinet, the coil, and the drain pan can all accumulate bacterial growth that can enter the airstream and cause allergic reactions among some people. It’s fair to say that the best possible solution to removing and keeping bacterial growth from occurring is to bathe the entire cabinet and coil with a UV germicidal light. For UV to be effective there are two requirements: time and intensity. In most cases then, an optimal application might be a dual bulb with a bulb on either side of the coil, powered on constantly.

How effective will that same UV germicidal light be at destroying or inactivating pathogens that are passing through the duct? Not very. At maximum airflow of 492 fpm, airborne particles are flying by at 8 feet per second. Since “time and intensity” are required for destroying and inactivating pathogens, the UV’s effect will be minimal.

Since you have been reading these articles, you now know that any particle or pathogen must be large enough to be caught up in the airstream to be returned to a filter. If it’s that large, then a good, pleated media air filter, such as the CDC-recommended MERV 13, will do a very good job at removing the larger particles. Once captured, they won’t be destroyed or inactivated, but at least they will be captured. There are a couple of products on the market that combine a media filter and UV for additional effectiveness.

There are several other considerations, including whether the product’s technology might produce ozone or radicals or other harmful byproducts. Static pressure is another consideration. Arguably the biggest consideration is getting the under one-micron sized particles to move into the airstream in the first place.

Here is a link to the best publication on residential IAQ technologies that I know of, EPA’s Residential Air Cleaner Technical Summary. On pages 17-18 you’ll find an excellent reference to the various product technologies, what they target, advantages and disadvantages and more. Investing a little time reading this will go a long way in helping you offer your customers IAQ solution choices that are appropriate to their needs.

Here are the top 5 IAQ Complete Solution considerations:

  1. Remove all airborne contaminants from the occupied space
  2. Return them to a high-efficiency filter for capture
  3. Destroy all pathogens and bond them to the filter so they don’t reenter the airstream
  4. Produce ZERO ozone, radicals or other harmful byproducts
  5. Do not excessively restrict airflow and cause harm to the HVAC equipment

There is no other technology, or any combination of technologies, that can accomplish The SecureAire Complete IAQ Solution.

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