Dunedin, Florida, December 15th, 2018


A Leading Grow Facility in the State of Colorado, Cannacraft, recently announced that a Colorado jury
had given the cannabis grower an important victory in a racketeering lawsuit—and it’s a landmark win
for the marijuana industry. In one of the first US Federal RICO cases filed against a cannabis grow facility
for allegedly producing “noxious odors”, SecureAire Technology was instrumental in eliminating the

Working with experts from The University of Cannabis Technology, Cannacraft deployed
SecureAire’s ACTIVE Particle Control Technology, that quantitatively documented the reduction of
airborne contaminants within the facility and presented it as critical evidence in support of its
defense. According to Parker Walton, the company’s owner, “The assistance that we received from
SecureAire and its technology helped to position us by providing superior indoor air quality within our
facility. The results showed that SecureAire technology and its performance can be measured and

A Case Study describing further details of the events is in the works and will be published near the end
of 2018.


SecureAire, Changing IAQ in the Healthcare Environment!


About SecureAire:
SecureAire was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Dunedin, Florida. The Company is the industry
leader in ACTIVE Particle Control, which is based upon technologies developed and employed by
Semiconductor Cleanrooms. SecureAire has further advanced a number of highly sophisticated air
purification technologies that make “air flow the dominant transport mechanism for airborne
contamination.” For more information please visit us at our website

About Cannacraft:
Cannacraft is a Retail Cannabis Cultivation Facility located in Colorado City, Colorado that specializes in
small batch high grade connoisseur products. For more information please visit Cannacraft at:

About The University of Cannabis Technology:
UCANNTECH is located in Pueblo, Colorado. It is the first privately funded university that teaches the
subject of commercial cannabis at a graduate level. For more information please visit The University of Cannabis Technology at: