California Certified Air Cleaning Devices

All portable indoor air cleaning devices sold in California must be certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). To be certified, air cleaners must be tested for electrical safety and ozone emissions, and meet an ozone emission concentration limit of 0.050 parts per million. For more information about the regulation, visit the air cleaner regulation.

In-duct, whole-house air cleaning devices may also generate ozone, but these are not currently regulated. Check with the manufacturer of the in-duct device prior to installation.

The list below shows air cleaning devices certified for sale in California. We will update the list as devices are certified. Air cleaners that are listed as “Mechanical” are air cleaners that only use physical filtration, such as pleated or HEPA-style filters, and do not typically generate ozone. Air cleaners that are listed as “Electronic” may emit ozone, but they have been tested and found to produce an ozone emission concentration less than 0.050 parts per million. This category includes ionizers, electrostatic precipitators, PCOs, hydroxyl generators, UV light and other electronic air cleaning technologies. Devices that likely produce unsafe levels of ozone are found on our list of potentially hazardous ozone generators sold as air purifiers.

Here is the link to the entire regulation:

View Entire Regulation

NOTE: SecureAire produces no ozone, nor any other harmful byproducts.

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