Advanced Collector System (ACS)

Having the ability to exert control over particles in the breathing zone is one of the most critical aspects of any filtration system being employed by an airport, casino, commercial building, hospital, healthcare clinic, laboratory, sports arena, vivarium or any other building concerned with Indoor Air Quality.

The problem with today’s typical filtration systems is that the critical particles that can have a negative effect on the health of human beings never actually get to the systems filtration banks! This is a common and misunderstood fact about filtration systems. Unfortunately, the market has provided devices that are mostly substandard and only partially deliver the performance and benefits that are advertised.

SecureAire’s Advanced Collector System is today’s most advanced Electronically Enhanced Air Purification System for all markets. The ACS utilizes semiconductor airborne contamination reduction technologies to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of SecureAire’s filtration media, while providing ACTIVE Particle Control™, which helps to actually clean the particles from an indoor space. The ACS System also provides airborne pathogen inactivation thru our INACTIVATE™ Technology. INACTIVATE reduces organism’s ability to grow and provides the necessary voltage strength to oxidize and kill airborne pathogens.

As previously mentioned, “the ACS is the only system” that utilizes ACTIVE Particle Control™, which actually controls the movement of particles in a space. This Technology provides the ability to treat all airborne challenges (Particles, TVOC’s, Smoke, Odors and dissolved gases) the same.

ACTIVE™ Particle Control provides the ability to make airflow the dominant transport mechanism for airborne pathogens and contaminants in any space.

What is ACTIVE Particle Control?

Our cutting-edge technology is different from any other air quality product. Some of the tiniest and most dangerous particles are too small to be moved by airflow alone. That’s why our ACTIVE Particle Control™ technology conditions small particles to stick together, making them large enough to be TRANSPORTED from the treated indoor environment to the SecureAire filter, where air pollutants are killed or inactivated. Unlike ionizers, SecureAire’s technology does not produce dangerous byproducts like ozone because we use a physical process.

How Active Particle Control Works

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