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How does SecureAire actually kill pathogens like bacteria and virus?

Once the pathogens are captured by the air purification cartridge, the energy field that surrounds the cartridge will create oxidative stress at the pathogen’s cellular level and destroy them. All of them.

How does SecureAire actually get rid of airborne chemical compounds (VOCs)?

The airborne chemical compounds are brought to the air purification cartridge by hitching a ride on other particles that are large and heavy enough to be caught up in the airstream. Once the chemical compound-soaked particles are captured in the air purification cartridge, the energy field surrounding the cartridge pulls the chemical compounds apart, breaking them down into harmless elements.

Once they are destroyed or broken down, what happens to the pathogens and chemical compound elements?

The pathogen “parts” and the chemical compound “elements” are held in the air purification cartridge by very strong ionic bonds and will not be released back into the airstream.

How can this air purification system be so efficient and effective and not be highly restrictive to airflow?

Each air purification cartridge includes trillions…literally…of tiny fibers. Each fiber is a 360-degree “collector” that will attract and hold particles, like a magnet, and absorb chemical compounds, like a sponge. As each fiber becomes coated with contaminants, another layer will then build up on the first, continuing to remove and destroy captured contaminants. Layer after layer of contaminants can be collected around every fiber without significantly restricting airflow.

When do I have to replace my air purification cartridge?

Unlike typical filters that are replaced when they “look dirty”, typically from 1-3 months depending on the filter type, the SecureAire Air Purification Cartridge can hold from 6 to 12 months of contaminants before it needs to be replaced. The HVAC technician can take a measurement to determine what that replacement interval should be.

SecureAire provides... Healthy, Clean, Safe and Energy Efficient Indoor Air!